Moving forward… new design

Greetings everyone! We hope that everyone has been keeping safe and healthy in lieu of all the recent world events. Like everywhere else in the world, things have been slow for us with the disruption of many of our supply chains and work activities.

In our last few updates, we had been going around sourcing for the perfect wood for our IEMs. After continued testing, we have decided to go ahead with a dark hard wood. In our testing, this wood had additional emphasis to the low end, which complemented our planar magnetic drivers. We also felt that the grain of this particular wood was the most pleasing, and its dark colour gave the IEMs a sleek feel. Presenting the new design of our IEMs:

3D Render of our redesigned casing – cleaner lines and more complementary with the dark wood colour

In our redesign, we have also simplified the top plate to make the IEMs cleaner looking. The outer border has been removed and we had curved the top surface to give it a smoother feel. This also allowed us to make the top plate slightly thicker to improve durability. We have started to create a small batch of our new design, here is a sneak peek:

Small volume test prototypes of our new design, new rounded top plate without border
Lacquering of our new prototypes, going for a high gloss feel
One of the completed new prototypes with the new simplified laser engraved logo

We have gone for a laser engraved logo with a gold inlay which complements the dark wood colour. Our emphasis this time is to keep the design clean. To take this further and we have also simplified our logo. What do you think of our new design? We hope you have enjoyed this update!