Trying out more woods!

Hi Everyone!

We have another update for you today. More wood prototypes! We have been going round the region again hunting for different woods to make our planar magnetic IEMs. Searching for that perfect combination. This time we have two new models to feature:

Wood from the Americas – very nice straight grain and musicality

The straight grain of this wood allows it it be very workable and the individual parts could be pieced together without much issue, allowing us to get a good acoustic seal. We also particularly love the way this wood is able to take in the polish to reveal a nice reddish-brown color. Musically this is also one of our favourites, it produces a nice warm tone.

Wood from Canada – For all the light wood fans

At the request of some of our followers, we decided to source for a very light wood. This wood has interesting sound characteristics. We found that the volume was amplified with this wood the sound seemed much louder. Also the sound had a brighter tone.

Was there any particular wood that you liked? Do let us know!

On another note, we are expecting a delay in our launch due to current world events. Our supply chains and labour have been hit hard and we are trying to find reliable alternatives. More updates to follow! Happy listening!