Happy 2020! To All Our Fellow Planar Magnetic Lovers

To all our followers, it has been quite awhile since we have updated! We want to assure everyone that we are still on it and working at perfecting our sound!

Just a sample of the many many prototypes we have built in the past 2 years we have been making planar magnetic IEMS

2019 has been a really fruitful year for us and we have gone to great lengths building hundreds of prototypes and experimenting with many different variants! We are really close to perfecting that wide soundstage experience and we are excited to share this with everyone soon! In the next few posts we will share some snippets on each of the prototypes you see above as we lead up to showing you our final product soon.

From the left column (top to bottom):
1. One of our very first FDM 3D printed prototypes
2. Our first FDM 3D wood printed prototype with CNC aluminium caps
3. FDM 3D wood printed prototype with v2 drivers

From the right column (top to bottom):
4. Our first SLA 3D printed prototype with v3 drivers
5. Polycarbonate prototype, CNC aluminium caps with v4 drivers
6. Where we are now, FULL WOOD, CNC and handcrafted prototype with v5 drivers

Stay tuned!