Upgraded Drivers

Greetings Everyone!

We have been in close contact with our initial reviewers and paying attention to their feedback. In response, we have chosen to upgrade our drivers to address their whishlist:

Left: our new prototype with improved drivers, Right: our previous prototype

Our latest prototype has a planar magnetic driver which measures approximately 18mm x 13mm, compared to our previous prototype with 13mm x 13mm drivers, making them 50% larger! This allows for even greater soundstage, more power sound and punchier bass response, bringing a fuller experience to your listening! To our knowledge these are the largest planar magnetic drivers in an IEM. With careful engineering, we were able to make this increase in driver size with marginal increases to the overall size of the IEM, allowing them to have the same comfort and lightweight design as before.

We will be making even more improvements to the design, bringing you more updates soon!