Sneak Preview of Our Review Sets

Sample review set for Stage Planar Magnetic In-Ear Monitors

Hi All. It has been awhile since our last update. In the past month, we have been implementing fine improvements in our planar magnetic drivers to improve efficiency as well as sound quality. In the lead up to our crowd funding launch, we will reveal more on our unique driver technology, so stay tuned!

We are now working on our review sets for audition to be sent out in the coming month. The above is a sample set which we have prepared, but we might change certain components in order to meet shipping requirements (size, packaging, etc). We have put a lot of effort in designing the wooden box to accompany the premium feel of our IEMS. Do let us know what you think!

Closeup on our Planar Magnetic In-ear Monitors

Additionally, we have updated the color of our Planar Magnetic In-ear Monitors to a metallic royal blue as this suits the overall aesthetics better than the previous turquoise blue. As you may have seen, we are also experimenting with other casing materials such as wood, so this might not be the final version, more updates to come!