True Balanced Adapter for USB Type C Listening

Our Planar Magnetic IEMs in action using our balanced USB Type C amplifier.

In today’s update, we are pleased to announce our next development.

These days, many people are using their mobile phones as listening devices. Unfortunately, most mobile phones lack good audio amplifiers for good listening. To achieve the best audio quality, we recommend that a “balanced drive” amplifier be used, whilst almost all mobile phones are “single drive”, which we feel, is unsuitable for quality listening.

Why should I use “Balanced Drive” ?
More powerful and clearer sound. Balanced drive uses 4 ports, allowing for up to 200% more power and up to 100% less noise.

What is balanced drive? Click here to know more.

Presenting Our Custom Made True Balanced Drive USB Type C Amplifier:

Our USB Type C Amplifier. Made with premium gold plated jacks, our custom balanced drive quad channel amplifier as well as pure silver cables for optimal sound transmission.
Closeup of our gold plated jacks with carbon fiber accents.

Our goal is to provide a good listening experience with our Planar Magnetic IEMS. After an extensive search, we found almost all of the USB-C to 2.5 mm adapters were single ended! Absolutely misleading!

Therefore, we set out to create our own True USB-C Balanced amplifier for mobile phone listening. We have used a quad port 96KHz x 24-bit amplifier chip with a power efficient design, allowing it to operate without additional power and batteries. This means that you can have significantly better audio quality with your mobile phone without using a premium audiophile player!

4 thoughts on “True Balanced Adapter for USB Type C Listening”

    1. Hi Paul, thanks for showing interest! Currently, we are unable to sell our adapters alone as we are planning to bundle them as a reward for the backers of our planar magnetic IEMs in our upcoming crowd funding campaign.

      1. Will they be custom IEMS or universal fit?

        I’d love to hear more. Just shipped my ear impressions to Poland yesterday.

        1. Hey Paul, for our first run they will be universal fit and we will explore custom fit in the future. The thing about our IEMs is that our approach is a little different. We build them as miniature speakers rather than an earphone. This means that there is a “cabinet” if you will, and some work is required to do this consistently when making customs =). Do let us know if you have anymore questions!

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