Wooden Planar Magnetic IEMs

Hi everyone,
We have been experimenting on different casing materials for Stage and finally we are proud to show you some of our progress! We have been experimenting on making a wood casings as we personally like the sonic qualities of wood. Take a look at some of the pictures we have of our new prototype:

Stage with a customized handmade housing
A closer view of the wood housing

Making the wood casing
Creating this prototype was a big challenge, as many portions of it had to be machined and finished by hand. Additionally, we had to change several components of the design as some of the portions in our original prototypes using poly carbonate were too thin. We used a double varnish and staining technique to try and bring out as much of the grain of the wood as possible. We have kept to the original molded shape of Stage as possible so as to maintain its comfortable fit unlike many of the other casings which are produced by CNC machining.

How does it sound?
In our initial testing, we can say that we are excited about the direction this is going. We have fit in our latest push/pull configuration planar magnetic IEM drivers and we have to say that we like the effect that wood has given us. The warmth of the wood complements the planar magnetic drivers and there is great synergy between the two components.

What do you think of a wooden planar magnetic IEM? Do share with us your thoughts!

Looking forward to update everyone again soon. Happy listening!