Wireless Planar Magnetic IEMs?

Just some of the MMCX bluetooth dongles tested with Stage

Happy Lunar New Year to all our followers! In this post we will be writing about all the wireless/bluetooth solutions we have tried to pair with Stage. We have designed Stage with the function to have interchangeable cables using MMCX sockets. One of the ideas which we have been experimenting on recently is the possibility of making Stage into wireless planar magnetic IEMs by using MMCX bluetooth cable replacements instead of the MMCX to 3.5 /2.5 mm earphone cables.

Pictured above are just some of the dongles we have tried, we have auditioned both brand name dongles such as the KZ Bluetooth upgrade cable and the Fiio Rc-Bt Bluetooth cable to lesser known models made by smaller companies online. Additionally, in our testing, we focused on the higher end APTX dongles so as to ensure the highest quality data transmission across bluetooth.

Our preliminary results show that the listening experience by using these MMCX bluetooth cable replacements was sub-optimal. We find that they did not work well with Stage, resulting in a noticeable drop in audio quality in many areas. For now, we will keep this in view, but for now we believe that Stage should be used with high quality copper or sliver cables for the best signal transmission.