Design of Our Closed Planar Magnetic IEMs

In this update, we will talk about the external design of Stage. One of the unique features of Stage is its closed design, making Stage significantly different from many other Planar Magnetic IEMs.

Why make a closed planar magnetic IEM?

  1. Isolation – allowing you to enjoy your music anywhere
  2. Increased sound conduction efficiency – allowing Stage to be compatible with a wider range of mobile players.
  3. Sound tuning – selective dampening allows subtle accentuation of particular audio frequencies to craft a unique sound signature.

Characteristic sound of a planar magnetic driver

Through the careful tuning of the audio pathway by the choice of dampening materials, driver positioning and shape, we are able to maintain the characteristic spaciousness of planar magnetic drivers whilst still having a closed design.


To have a truly good experience, we have attentively engineered Stage to provide maximal comfort:

  1. Lightweight design using aluminimum and polycarbonate. This allows longer and listening without ear fatigue. These materials also allow Stage to have a premium feel and tasteful aesthetics.
  2. Polycarbonate allows the base of our IEMs to be molded and curved according to the anatomical shape of the ear, creating a comfortable “universal IEM”. This minimizes the amount of sudden transition points allowing it to be seated on the ear evenly for increased comfort.